Making Drone Data Resilient

Back in days from scroll with a wax seal to now having cloud server backups; in an Age of Digital Transformation, the Keys to securing business is securing data first.

“Data is the new oil” Clive Humby in 2006 gave the world a futuristic fact which still holds its relevance (that’s why the quote!) Emerging technologies like drones aim to dig deep to produce data both in quality (precision up to 5cm) and quantity (one drone flight gives 600 MB data.) Infra sector industries are becoming more cautious towards guarding the value this data is adding and to ensure that it is easily accessible at the same time.

Making Drone Data Resilient through Cloud

Let’s see how this valuable entity is driving profitable activities:

Case Scenario 6 (Remeber we had a deal of putting out a series, check out the previous blog)

Data Dictates Value, Have You Left it Unguarded?

Don’t be that guy! says Pankaj Soni, Government Officer in Indian Railways. While telling me his insightful experiences that he was having almost a year back. He says, “We used to share crucial project data (tif, kml, shape file) for the construction of railway lines through pen drives and hard drives, and this happened more than once when we lost all the data because of the hardware’s physical or software causality.” Losing data for Pankaj cost Indian Railways construction delay which results in 5 times higher construction cost incurred.

A mere pen drive with several project files holds a value of $ 75,000 for Pankaj. He also stopped trusting the perishable hardware when introduced to Indshine.

“The cloud storage gives ample space for storing the crucial project files, Cloud is imperishable data storage with several backup servers set up across the whole wide world.”

Back in days, Pankaj had to spend considerable time while waiting for pen drives/hard drives to arrive through courier (postal services) before setting up a meeting with colleagues for taking critical decisions (We’ve covered this in Case Scenario 1, ‘A Tale of quick decision making beyond Space and Time.’) The cloud platform has relieved Pankaj of that dependency as well. Visualization and Collaboration have facilitated him and his team with quick decision making beyond space and time.

Case Scenario 7

Make use of Cloud to Provide Drone Data an Easy Accessibility

Jay Sharma, Government officer at National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) likes it when he can download and take away data to keep it safe with himself. It’s a statement of human psychology; we like it when we can keep valuable information with us. But what if I tell you that instead of downloading the data; cloud is the alternative storage you should consider especially when it comes to drone data.

After being introduced to Indshine Jay has given up his desire to download heavy drone data anymore. He uses Indshine instead where he is keeping the valuable data of Highway projects across India secured and systematically organized. This saves him of worrisomeness that comes along with organising data for easy accessibility when he needs it.

Indshine an online drone software is making 2D and 3D maps easy to access.

Wondering about the next story? It will be up the coming Thursday. What it would be about? I’ll drop a hint like last time; it is on exploring drone data security with cloud hosting. It is a severely important topic that I’ll cover on Thursday post. Follow the publication to get the notifications! Also, benefit from the shared public projects on Indshine that you don’t have to log in to see and contribute to get yourself noticed among industry people.



I put words to ideas, interested in functional products, consumer psychology, forms of human articulation, design, and art.

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Maitri Dwivedi

I put words to ideas, interested in functional products, consumer psychology, forms of human articulation, design, and art.