Improving Construction Decision Making through Drones

Construction process starts with the mere power of decision making over the collected data even before the idea reaches on site. With many stakeholders playing a part the success counts on the effective communication and authenticity of data collected ensures saving up the delays of three years hence saving up 1000 of crores.

Maitri Dwivedi
3 min readMar 25, 2019


It’s the right place and time to bring drones into context, it’s not hard to imagine the value they’ve offered to the construction industry, the drone data is processed to generate contour maps, inspect sites, monitor changes and gives analytical insights via the cloud. Drone technology has revived digitalization to a new life that will soar high with advanced data analytics tool.

Now you may ask: “How should I use data to make the most informed decisions?”

Let’s concentrate on one case scenario at a time:

Case Scenario 1

A Tale of quick decision making beyond Space and Time

Mr Nitin Garg, Government Officer in Indian Railways situated at NCR region of India says, “Having Indshine’s online platform to view Orthomosaics has empowered me with quick decision making right from my office even.” He explains that being a senior officer his work includes distribution of various railway sections to his subordinates who often revert with some problems in the assigned section. While his subordinates verbally explain the problem, Nitin has the particular section opened right on his mobile or Desktop (according to his suitability) for Visualization. Since he is able to see the problematic railway section while being explained, he takes a quick decision by suggesting the best possible solution.

Nitin is happy because he doesn’t have to rush to visit the particular railway section for meeting his subordinate. His subordinate is happy because he doesn’t have to wait for filing paperwork to, 1st, report the problem, 2nd, for the approval of alternative action over the problematic section.

Case Scenario 2

But what makes the stakeholders happy?

Good question you asked! Let’s start with the hypothesis that inanimate things have a life too. For say, an idea of a smart city X. The case scenario is of building a smart city X in 4 phases. Being; Feasibility, Pre-Construction, Construction and Post Construction.

Phase 1: Client thought to themselves, “Is the idea X feasible?”

1.1 Client calls a friend ‘Consultant’ to find out. Consultant heard his friend’s doubt then outsourced a local Drone Service Provider (DSP) to facilitate him with drone maps. DSP uploads the orthomosaic on Indshine, an online drone platform and makes it available for Consultant by sharing it through a private project, Consultant also shares it with Client.

1.2 Client and Consultant are convinced that the idea of Smart city X is feasible.

1.3 Client approached investors with the idea. ‘Investor’ wasn’t convinced with the Client’s words. The client then shares the project on Indshine with Investor as well. Investor is convinced when he sees he can Collaborate real time on the updated project reports and keep a close eye on construction progress.

Phase 2: Pre-Construction

2.1 Consultant uses orthomosaics on Indshine to come out with the estimated timeline of the construction.

Phase 3: Construction; 3rd stakeholder ‘Contractor/Concessionaires’ is called upon for constructing X.

3.1: Contractor/Concessionaires is shared the project files on Indshine by Consultant and was asked to submit the report on construction progress on the platform for Investor, Client and Consultant to view.

Phase 4: Post-Construction

4.1: The data on Indshine was presented as proof of efficient construction completed as per the planned duration; within the estimated cost.

In the end, All the stakeholders are happy as they were able to wrap up the project within the estimated time because of the regular updation of data and the complete transparency among stakeholders.

There are more case scenarios to come in the series. Follow the publication to get the notification. Also, Check out shared public projects on Indshine that you don’t have to login to see (that’s a sweet secret I just told you.) Savor it right away!



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