3 Things that your Drone Data Repository Should Provide

Enterprise drone usage has increased by 58 percent from 2016 to 2017 — with the construction, mining, surveying sectors in the lead. But how will drones transform the generation of insights as the industry matures by the end of 2019?

The global market has become a hotbed of activity for drone produced datasets. Data require competitive tools that can store and sort it further for critical analysis. High-resolution drone data is a reliable source (precision of 5 cms) of information for decision making, especially in the infra sector.

Indshine as an online data repository is a database infrastructure that provides several sorts of database storage for analysis and sharing purposes.

There are three ways to get the best of your drone data while using an online repository:

3 Things that your Drone Data Repository should provide

Where do you store all your projects?

When confronted with the same question Sanjay Pant, a senior government officer in Indian Railway started showing me pen drives and hard drives with the sticky notes that read labels of different files stored in it. His office drawer is stacked with such an old way of data storage and mobility instrument. He further adds, “But now the system is changing and therefore the need to update the data management is an urgent one.” With the upcoming technology and increasing dependency on data, Indshine helps him closely manage different railway projects from a single place. He uses the online drone platform to store all the different railway project files.

What decides a “single point of truth” for all the stakeholders?

Timelined data helps to see the change in land elevation over the time period of a project. This ensures that the data becomes the single point of truth for all the stakeholders being the client, consultant, contractor, and investor.

Timelined land elevation profile is a single point of truth for all the stakeholders.

Sanjay happily goes through the stored timeline of orthomosaics, Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM). For him, the timelined data in DSM is the most important. “If I know the elevation of the ground over the time period I get to know how much soil has been dug up and how much has been dump in. A changing topography is suggestive of the cost incurred on the land per cubic meter.”

Timelined land topography gives an overview of how much money is spent on land over time. It also generates progress reports especially in the mining, smart city progress and in the infra sector. Timelined data in DSM gives an overview of billing amount, progress reports. Businesses are required to know their expenses and earnings, therefore, streamlining both through timeline management is a huge value addition for any business.

What benefits does Version Control add?

This is the second most effective attribute of maintaining online data repository on Indshine. It is advised to make Version Controlling the language for data to excel in. Conventionally in civil engineering projects, huge sheets of engineering drawings are maintained for project overview. The engineering drawings (CAD) are often revised several times before a final proposal is made. Sometimes, a proposal is revised let say 6 times and the manager might find the first proposal to be the most suitable one. But now, since the proposal has been revised over so many times without any revision history/record it is difficult to go back to the initial proposal. This forces the engineers to re-concept the design again. Version control attribute let the team go back to the improvisation made over the duration of the project.

To conclude all, I’ll say, once the data is sorted and organised everything else be it timelessness of data, quick decision making, accessibility is automatically enabled.

Wondering about the next story? It will be up the next Wednesday. What it would be about? I’ll drop a hint like last time; it is on maintaining an online portfolio of your drone projects. Follow the publication to get the notifications! Also, benefit from the shared public projects on Indshine that you don’t have to log in to see and contribute to get yourself noticed among industry people.



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